#2 the Defenders

BiosShadowTH on Aug. 27, 2007

well it not really a comic, it a picture of a group that are going to be called the defenders all of them are form D&P i don't know there real name if any of you know tell me. okay starting People that i know the name of at the bottom left with Palmer the leader he started the Defender to stop any other teams like team racket form starting so he want out to find strong trainers. okay next we have the champion Cynthia she was the one who gave Palmer the idea of the team. okay no one else i know the name of. the five trainer you help in D&P where pure of heart and where good Pokemon trainers, three gym leaders joined the Defenders for reasons unknown. the defender are a lot like Pokemon Rangers but with key differences. 1. they own all there Pokemon unlike the Pokemon Rangers where they catch Pokemon only for short use. 2. the Defender haft to be the best of the best they must be high ranking Pokemon trainers 3. the Defender are a secret organization know only by very few people out side of it.

edit:ok i found out all there names
Cheryl - treehugger/nice girl(like Riley)
Marley - goth girl(likes Riley)
Buck - Hot head(like Mira)
Riley-Hotty rich kid(like all the girl other then Mira)
Mira- girly girl(likes buck)