29. Posioned!

Lionday on May 15, 2012

Yeah finally got this page done. As I said before it was colored and almost done then poof it got deleted. So I had to do it again. But its done now yay!!!
So Cubchoo is not doing so well. Its not looking good for the little guy. I really like how I showed poison and from now on that’s what its gonna look like. I also like that the moves have lasting effects, for example Cubchoo still has those bite marks on him they don’t just go away.
Oh one last thing!!! So I didn’t update yesterday. The reason for this is because I was tired of this page and couldn’t bring myself to work on it, however instead I redid the opening page. So go check it out! Its all colored and stuff plus I changed the dialogue because it was to spoillery. But don’t threat today I plan to work on the next page and if that gets done I’ll do a double post, if not well then I’ll have it for Monday’s post.
Thanks for reading