Comic 2: Hellary

MegaRon on Oct. 26, 2007

I was thinking about it tonight and I just have to say, I love how all liberals are considered to be backing Hillary Clinton because polls on corporate news sites say “we” do. This piece was inspired after reading a news article today that says that 75% of people believe that the Democrat-“led” Congress is doing a lousy job. No big surprise when you consider the majority of them bend to Bush's every whim. Hillary Clinton seemed to be an ideal target when I thought about it for a while. For instance, she wants to keep us in Iraq until it's “stable”, she votes money towards that same war, and she doesn't back universal health care. She's set in the direct opposite of what this country needs, and we're all set in an “Anyone but Bush” mindset that we really need to get out of. Yes, Bush is terrible, but exchanging Bush for Hillary is like exchanging dung for manure.

I'd also like to touch base on the fact that she is pro-censorship. She wants to take away your right to free speech, or at least restrict it because oh, my God! A gamer modified Grand Theft Auto so that two characters have sex! Dear Lord! How will we ever stop this problem? … Maybe better parenting skills would do the job, but hey, what do I know.

Anyways, it's four in the morning, drawing hands has frustrated me to all hell, and I'm tired.