Episode 35: The Noob Returns

Venion on July 18, 2011

So much to tell!
First things first, the contest winners are featured above. It's Tron's male assassin cross and in the pink it's Rage's female arch-bishop. So congratulations to Tron and Rage! And thank you to everyone else who entered, I'm sure I have some more contests in me before the end of this comic.
Aaand secondly, we've been picked as a finalist in the 2011 Smack Jeeves Best Sprite Comic Award! So I say thank you again to everyone who suggested me for nomination as we're now an actual nominee!
And lastly, we're coming to the end of chapter 2. It should end next episode unless I have some other stuff I want to shove in before we bring this chapter to a close.
So thanks again everyone! It's gonna be a great week for Poring Quest and I hope all of you guys have a great one too! See you next episode. ;3