The title

FreakGamer on Nov. 17, 2007

Here it is people the new comic by me FreakGamer. This is going to be my post Civil War comic. As soon as the last one actually ends I will get started on this storyline. My Civil War event has one more update and it is done. So from now on if you want to check out what I am up to Favorite this comic. As for people who were interested in my Civil War event well if the Civil War really picks up I may go more into some white ranger stories over there. But as for this well this story has its own white ranger.

I have to get ready for work soon so this will probably be it for the night. When I get home tomorrow morning I am make a small preview on what to expect from this comic.

As Drunk duck is experience some minor technical difficulties I couldn't really post on what this comic is about. Well if you haven't guessed it is a basic power rangers story. These rangers will follow everything like most ranger series have (I have done a lot of research) Also what is cool about what I am going to do with this series is I hope to mix movie and comic. All the rangers are based off of real people who wanted to be part of this project. In fact I even made them apply for the roles they wanted. So hopefully I will be able to do some footage and incorporate it with the comic. You know for things that sprite comics just won't do just for… like morphing sequences. But yes more to come on that in the future.