Enter Draz

ShadowGamer on Oct. 30, 2014

Hey gamers and other cool guys and ladies, Shadman here! I realize it's been a looooong time since we got up a new Powerup, but there's been all kinds of “drama” behind the scenes with the Powerup team. Amy and me had some “creative differences,” basically I kind of felt like she didn't take the comic seriously, and I felt like she wasn't really the right artist for Poweruo anyways, I mean, I have no problem with the gays, but she kind of made Shadow look gay, which isn't what Powerup is really about (even though there's nothing wrong with some comics being like that).
Introducing our new artist, Draz! Draz is here to bring Powerup Comics back to their glory days, with this awesome new realistic art style. As you can see here, Draz knows exactly how to stay true to the spirit of Poweruo Comics. Can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!