Dorksurrection - Part 2

ShadowGamer on Nov. 24, 2014

There has been a SERIOUS breakdown n communication between me and Draz. I did NOT write that part where Shadow is taking a shower, and I have no idea where Draz even got the idea to do that. It was NOT my vision for this strip, and the part after where Draz is helping me with my hair and stuff doesn't seem exactly “normal” to me. We talked about it last night, and I think that we got it straightened out, but we agreed this one is going to stay the way it is “for the ladies.” I am very creeped out by how accurate this is to my actual body, but hey, I'm not gonna say no to more female readers.
As you can see, we decided that the comic just doesn't work without Dorkwinkle. I thought he was useless before. Did you know, in the early Powerup Comics, I didn't even give him a name. I just wrote parts in different comics for random dorks to come up to Shadow and say inane bullsh*t, and Chug drew them all as the same guy, and after a while it became a running joke, and eventually, he became a character who just somehow makes the comic work. Light cant exist without darkness - you can't have the ultimate awesome without the ultimate dork.