Pandorka Tomorrow

ShadowGamer on Dec. 15, 2014

thought it would be funny to show what would happen if Dorkwinkle played more of a “real” game, like maybe Shadow is showing him some of the classics. There's nothing like hiding in the shadows until some jackoff comes by for a little surprise throat slitting. CLASSIC. Not exactly the kind of thing that would make sense to a guy like Dorkwinkle, whose idea of stealth is “try wearing a furry raccoon suit and turning into a statue.”
Draz took this in kind of a different direction, in the original scripted version, Dorkwinkle says “like what” and then draz shoots him. I don't exactly “understand” the whole thing where he like draws a panel of that happening? Definitely some artsy fartsy thing going on there. Oh well, maybe this is the year Powerup finally wins an award from the critics……..
(and I'll take anything as long as it's not Shadow in the shower :P)