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ShadowGamer on March 25, 2011

listen up, it's been hard to choose a new artist for powerup, but in the end i decided it was best to go with someone i know in real life.

i know what you're thinking, so i'll just stop you right there. Amy us under 18, and doesn't look AT ALL like that in real life, you filthy pedofiles! she just draws herself like that because thats what she thinks is cool.

were still deciding on the design for shad. in the first sketches he was wearing really gay clothes, like a scarf and stuff, and i had to put a stop to that, and there is still some stuff to work out, like why is my shirt down over my shoulder? and why do i have huge lips? the hair is awesome though, definetely an inspired touch, because not only is it similar to the old hairstyle, it also looks like its flippin you off all the time!!!