Ch 23 Page 4

Asbin on Feb. 27, 2013

Been quite productive lately GTH wise. So I got a pretty big buffer. So here's an extra update this week. 
@jerrie: Thanks
@Luccia: Indeed she would
@Jaggedclaw: Painful but necessary 
@man in black: Could be worse, she could be monologueing in song
@Jamie59: Yeah she has done it before. Had her wound been like Lucy's she wouldn't be able to handle it on her own. Since it was a really really deep wound. But thats pretty much what the doctor did for Lucy, just with special tools and care.
@Peipei: Some people like it lol
@zgrssd: Yup they do. Not familiar with the reference. But yeah, it's pretty much the same situation. Just a flesh wound, can be cut out