Ch 24 Page 21

Asbin on July 2, 2013

Just an announcement. I've been working on making an official website. Mainly due to DD's limitations. So a few months from now I'll probably just be posting there (Will take a while to get it up to date with the updates). However in the meanwhile give it a look if you can, any suggestions for things to add would be appreciated. And yes there's content you may have not seen yet (Technically). Since I posted the first seven pages of Chapter One's Remake.
@Gunwallace: LOL!
@Jamie59: She broke her fall a bit with that crumble, still pretty hurt though
@Luccia: Nothing is worse when the milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! And glad you liked the coloring.
@Peipei: That's still Kammy. But yeah, she is lucky. It still took a lot out of her though