Chapter One - Page 1

Izzy on Jan. 21, 2006

Haha, I get a giant “F” for smooth transitioning, here. I don't think a comic does its job of explaining things if it can't, uh, explain things on its own. So, the first to the second panel is randomly quick, and in the last, One-Eye Girl “pop!”s in front of Alexander.

I suppose the biggest mistake I made on this page is that I dawdled on it long enough to become sick of it, which led to me rushing to get finished.

So here it is, the beginning of my new project.


I'm underground or Kika-FM on the forums. Or, I was, anyway, until the Duck crashed. I used to run Underground Sanctuary, which only survived for about fifteen pages. It was a wanna-be manga with a potential story but a lazy author and a serious need of anatomical improvement.

Uh, since then, I've realized ‘hey webmanga is rampant and annoying’, so I've tried out a new style for the past few months. Insert another crazy story out of my head, some shading, music influences, stuff.

And here I am, back again.