[34] Drawing a bird step by step

Black_Kitty on Jan. 14, 2007

Ironically, I later took a job as an art instructor and one of my duties is to create step by step instruction packages for students. I'm still working there actually although these past couple of months I've been simplifying and re-adjusting art lessons more then creating new ones.

The whole idea of a confusing step by step parakeet though has some personal significance for me. I actually did borrow a How-To book when I was a kid and tried drawing a parakeet. I got to step 4-5 before becoming utterly confused as to how to get to the next step. I understand a circle. I understand two circles. I even understand the pointy things for the tail feathers. But they lost me afterwards.

It took me 4 tries to upload this. It wasn't because of technical issues however. It's because it's 4 AM and it took me a few times just sitting here staring at the computer before I realized why I'm on DrunkDuck. ^^;;;

On a completely different note, one tip my associate teacher gave me about teaching art is this: always make your example slightly flawed. That way, the kids won't feel bad if they compare theirs to yours. If they point out the errors, then you can use that moment to point out that they should make sure to do a better job.