page 1: How to read this comic

got rice ninja on Feb. 17, 2006

Since I can't really comment on the art in this page I'm going to talk about my comic ordeal instead.
This comic was originally supposed to start on January 1, 2005. This is also my sixth try in five years to get a webcomic up or my fourth try in two years depending on how you look at it. Mostly it was because of stuff like I couldn't get into my account or the server got wiped or generaly just really bad luck.
On a different note you may be wondering why this comic is in the right to left format. I'm a dreamer and a rather unrealistic and ambitious one at that. I vaguely remember dreaming up something foolish like being the first comic artist to win a nobel prize in literature and …I can't really remember why I decided to put it in the right to left format to begin with.
Also I will be cringing at the art for the first five pages until it miraculously gets better. And this comic sill be in black and white. If i did it in color it'd take me a year to do a whole page.