New Series Advertisement

kaiyaweird on Nov. 18, 2009

Alright everyone, this is probably one of the last things I'll post on RF. RF readers, meet MidgardSormen, my newest series. Its not quite ready for me to launch, so I have this little advertisement/teaser for you. When MidgardSormen is ready to go up, it will be its own comic, so please look for it. When it goes up I'll leave RF up for a short time after that, and I'll most likely post another ad on RF. After that if you still want to see RF, you can view it on my DA at: I hope you like this pic and it sparks your interest in the new series! Feel free to ask any questions here until Midgard goes up. I'll post replies on THIS page, so check back here if you ask me something.

The characters' names are as follows, from left to right: Vera, Leoth, Sahralin, Arun, and Samal.

Thank you for all the support! It has meant a lot!