Charlie No-Aim is a Jerk

RentAThug on April 27, 2007

Hey everybody! Welcome to the first stip of my new comic, Rent-A-Thug. Rent-A-Thug runs in a different format in the University of Alberta Gateway newspaper, but I plan on uploading mostly new material for this series on Drunk Duck.

A lot of the strips don't actually name the characters, as I find that having characters refer to each other by their names tends to sound awkward and forced, so I'll probably just name them in these newsposts. Charlie No-Aim is the guy swinging the lead pipe, which is sort of his area of expertise. Dirk the Head is the other guy who is now sporting some sort of cranial injury. Expect to be seeing more of Charlie No-Aim in the near future when I get to posting the Rent-A-Thug story that's going to be published in Tales From the Harbor Volume 2.

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