1-12 The Bar of Awkward Silences

Serene Storm Neko on June 11, 2009

It's me again. Yeah, I'm still alive.

I would say I've been really bad about updates, but I kinda feel like I've deserved the break. The past few weeks have been hectic. I took five AP tests this year, and I just didn't have the oomph in me to pump out comics. Then last week was finals and the end of school and finally, graduation. It's been a long four years, but highschool is finally over for me. Made me feel good that I was one of the most decorated graduates, too. ^_^

I was going to get back on track on Monday, but I ended up going to an awesome graduation party instead. For anyone interested, the author of After Lily was there. She drew me fanart because she's awesome. If you don't already read her comic you should. It's good.
Oh, and then there was the whole lawnmower hassle…
Anyway, all of this has produced several journal entries (most of which weren't completely boring either), and not a lot of comics. But I'm finally updating again and I intend to return to my Monday and Friday schedule starting today.

Which brings me to this page… I'm not happy with it. Well, I'm not happy with the last two panels anyway. I was so unhappy with the last panel, actually, that I just ended up replacing Sheera's face. Not to mention that the fact Regla's not in that panel was just a result of my laziness in the first place. But I actually quite like the rest of the comic. I actually considered just chopping the page off there and leaving the rest for the next comic, but I'm a bit OCD that the pages are all at least a similar length.
But I blame the last two panels on the fact I've been out of practice recently. I don't tend to draw as often when I'm not in school, but I need to start so I can improve. Oh, I also blame the mechanical pencil I've been using. It's suddenly gone very soft on me. *sticks tongue out at pencil*

Back on the topic of graduation, my father got me a nifty little gift: a digital pen. It records what I draw to a flash drive so I can put it straight into the computer rather than having to scan it in. I haven't used it yet because I've still been trying to figure it out, but soon I shall blind you with my brilliant skillz! Well, it probably won't be any different than normal, but at least they'll be inked for once.

So, yes, wall of text and all that, but hey, I've been gone a while. I've got a lot to say!