STORM Chapter 1

Willicus on Nov. 19, 2008

So, a bit of background on what's happening with this comic:
It's based on a DnD campaign. My friends and I play the six characters.
There's The Demon, known to his friends as just Demon, he's a bard/dirgesinger who has just gotten his first level in vampire and is still trying to work out the kinks.
Kifune is the team's rogue, who wouldn't know a bad time for a pun if it kicked him square in the d20's.
Zeboim is a drunken fighter who never goes anywhere without a few pints of Dwarven ale.
The suave cat-lady Dufresne is almost as quick with her blades as she is with her tongue.
Furrok, the warmage, is the brains of the ensemble. He is a strategic mastermind.
And Booster is the warforged barbarian. He doesn't say much, but his greatsword does the talking for him.

These are the members of STORM, the Seriously Terrible Order of Roaming Mercenaries. They're a group of misfits who scour the land looking for opportunities to pillage and plunder and otherwise make a quick copper.

Stay tuned and enjoy the show!