Metempsychosis: page 19

Freakeh on Jan. 8, 2010

Hello all! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays ^_^ This isn't the nicest page to be getting back to, though! But in the past, it was always the gory pages that were most popular, so I'm hoping that still holds true. It seems like the sacrifice struck a discord with Zotia, anyhow. Once again, I messed up Zotia's hair in the first panel, but I like how the angle of his face turned out so that's okay. The guy in the second-last panel is supposed to be on fire, that wasn't really that obvious, but oh well!

I've somehow almost run out of buffer ;_; I've been suffering migraines for a while and recently started some medication for them, but it doesn't seem to be helping. The migraines, and the holidays, have disrupted my work schedule, but if I work extra hard I might be able to re-buffer again. So I'll need as much of your support as I can get x3;;