Thick n Thin

ttyler on Nov. 19, 2010

I want to touch on thin and thick outlines. When you ink, the only thing that should, for the most part, have a dead weight line, is inanimate objects….steel pipes, buildings, cars, rock, ect…..people should have different line weights, to convey weight. I try to think of where bones will be pushing against the skin the most, like here on Jinn's cheek. The cheekbone would be pressing here for sure.
aNOTHER PLACE i like to thicken lines on the underside of things, like arms, legs, back of heads, bottom of devices, ect….this gives weight to the object. (Thicker lines can also be used, to simply pop things away from a background. Joe Mad does this alot in his Art, as well as Adam Hughs. although, when Hughs does it, it's more or less a stylized color hold, which is cool to do at times.
On this panel, I noticed my initial drawing of the harness was WAYYYY off, and didn't match the other shots at all….so I quickly re-worked it a bit, and although not exact, it works for me.
Hands are hands….they suck, so we won't get into those.
I don't really have time to go into detail, unless I'm asked a specific question, but I'll do the best i can.
Next time, we'll work on her face shading, and some background thingies.