Supercreep #1 post 9

royduncan100 on Dec. 20, 2012

Well it's been a busy couple of days ! sorry that there is only one new page on this post but i do have to sleep, christmas shop, eat, paint dinosaur banks for kids christmas presents, clean the gutters on the house,etc,etc,etc. Plus ya got to get ready for the end of the world ( at least according to incca's) tommorrow. if were gonna go out i least wanted to give ya one more page ! i have seen the proofs from pam for the first supercreep convention comic and it looks freakin awsome! it's the con pictures done as bubble gum cards. Pam gave me a call on the phone yesterday and it seems as if SUPERCREEP & the rest of our publishing group are on fire right now! that's right trending all over the place yesterday. i thought this was going to go really well but i had no idea how big (and how quick) it was going to be. All i can say is thank you to those of you who are reading and enjoying the comic. p.s. don't forget to click on that like it button on the page, that's how we track our progress on the duck now days. thank you again and get ready for my year in review christmas card that i will post soon ! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !