Supercreep # 4 post 17

royduncan100 on May 19, 2013

WOW! COME ON! Look at the last four pages of this comic and try to tell me i should not win best character design, best back grounds at least best bg's drawn by hand, best parody comic, best superhero comic, and all around cool motherfucker in the dd awards this year !!!!! There was alot of ground covered in this issue. six new characters, ending the break up plot from last issue, a return of our first villain, and we still have two pages left to go in this issue! damn! how much more must i do to get people to realize this book surpasses any thing i ever did in the vnd comic. tell your friends to start reading this comic now! plus you will get to find out in a few weeks if i crashed and burned in the public again with my submission to image. this is your chance to say i was there at the very begining of supercreep comics!