Metruis on Aug. 26, 2009

So… this is a sprite comic. YES. REALLY. I started making sprite comics a few months ago after reading one too many comments about ‘sprite comics are teh sux’ and ‘spriters can’t spell' and ‘spriters only tell lame, cheeseball stories’ and ‘no one who does sprite comics knows how to use speech bubbles’, and on… and on… and… on…… and, well, I'm a “real artist”. I do “real art”. So I said ‘screw that’ and made a sprite comic or three, mainly for the lulz, for Between Places and posted them as filler one day. Actually, it was pretty well received. People thought it was hilarious and wanted more.

Well, this isn't more Between Places. This is the tale of my three characters over the level of 30. Or at least, the potential tale.
SaerinYtho - 6x
HellionArjun - 4x
ReaseNalive - 3x

Those familiar with Between Places will know the names and maybe even recognize the characters in their chibified sprite versions (from the old pages I posted). This is not Between Places. The only similarity is names and personalities. This is canon to nothing but my brain, so if you've read that comic, don't mistake their artsy selves with history for these chibis who will likely just beat up a few slimes and save the universe and level up a few times in the process.

For those questioning the art style, well…
-I have elected to use the Arial font for dialogue, as that's what's used in game.
-However, I have decided to use custom speech bubbles because… well… I'm using custom panelling instead of just squares and it fits the style better. The pixel bubbles in Maple are very difficult to use and though I could put them together in BannedStory, due to my ‘art style’ (by which I mean copying and pasting style) they just look out of place most of the time.
-Likewise, I will be using different fonts for sound effects, etc.
-I'm using Photoshop CS2. Sometimes I'll draw in my own effects and stuff.
-Why sprites? Because it's the story of my characters in game, and this is their medium. This is where these guys exist.

That said, here's some credits, now let's roll!

MapleStory copyright to Nexon. The art belongs to Nexon. Not me. None of it is mine. The story is mine. The writing is mine. I'm just putting it on Nexon's stuff.

Special thanks to the map site Banned Story Backgrounds and of course, Banned Story. Without these tools I would've been too lazy to make a sprite comic, which is hilarious because sprite comics are supposed to be easier than ‘real’ comics. Check out my real comics, Between Places and The Millennum House if you doubt my ability to draw.

Sent will update when I feel like it.