In the Cold

Rott_i_kins on July 1, 2009

All right, this is the beginning. I'm really new to comic making and stuff, so go easy on me.

This is just practice. A way to force me to make backgrounds and get better at them, as well as a way for me to practice for when I have to do my much much bigger and more plot-detailed comic. This whole page was a learning experience. It might never really amount to much though. It is only one page…but I sorta need something to keep me occupied over the summer as well, for those rainy days–like today, for insance. -_-;;

I find snow fun to draw, actually. Plus I tried a new way of shading on it.

Alterix is based on Assassin's Creed…but I have definately thrown in my own twist to things.

If you notice any spelling mistakes or things that just generally need to be fixed please tell meh!