avsaroke on Aug. 12, 2011

That's right!  Moving to a new site! all the way!
The Duck was a great starting place and I really appreciate the fact that my story got featured, but after nearly 5 years on here it's time to move on.  Between the lengthy downtimes, random errors, and the fact that my pages all look really grainy and terrible now for some reason…. yes, definitely time to go.  
The new website is going to give me a lot more creative freedom and let add on a bunch of new, interesting stuff.  For example, at the moment there is a rather extensive cast page available for your enjoyment.  Do you want to know Ten's birthday?  Now you can!  Kiva's full name?  Available!  Plus you can read the gripping conclusion of Ten, Kiva, and the feel-better cupcakes in this week's new page.
You guys, my readers, have been amazing and I hope I'm going to see you in the comments section of the new site.  Thank you so much for reading and encouraging this story onward.  Great things are in the works.