Chapter2_Issue 012 (Title Page)

Senretsu on May 4, 2009

Sup drunkduck.
So it may or may not be a secret that I'm back on the spriting scene. Me and the pixelpunks are still having major meatspace issues to deal with, but I'm slowly setting back up, and I've also set to work on re-organizing shadowrun's page layout. For one thing, I've re-organized the first 11 issues as “Chapter 1” and will continue with the whole “Chapter” scheme to keep everyone as on-track as possible with the oft-times confusing storyline.

Here's today's title page for chapter 2, which should inspire me into working harder on more sprites and backgrounds which I'll need to finish the SR storyline.

Also, I've been updating SG almost daily, I'm going to attempt for a biweekly update schedule. Check ya'll later!