Intro To PHHS

CheshireCatGrin on Dec. 15, 2006

Okay, so there are no pictures of my school on the internet, and once I got out yesterday I didn't feel like going back for just a reference. SO deal with my horrible school.

Page one of my webcomic redone. Hopefully the way this one is set up it will be a lot smoother of a transition into the stories as well as easier and faster for me to update.

Note #1: Okay, so this isn't EXACTLY what my school looks like, and the second picture is a BIT exxagerated, but all of those stories I talk about are true.

Note #2: Those are FRECKLES on my face, not zits or chicken-pox.

Note #3: The words on my shirt's shoulders are ‘Melodious’ and ‘Nocturne’