Alyssa character design #1 (done for a writer)

Mondenkind on Aug. 4, 2010

Alyssa belongs to s0jikai, not me. We're working on a comic together, me being the artist.

In s0jikai's words:

“Alyssa is a member of the middle-class. She tries to maintain good hygeine, taking care to make herself look presentable. Her oufits are usually nothing too fancy, but they do show the care that she puts into them. She is very color-coordinated, preferring to stray little from a central color theme. For example, if she's wearing white, she's wearing all white. Her long, wavy hair is normally worn up in a bow.”

So yeah…that's what I drew based on that information. I'm still deciding on a color scheme and the lower half of her. I just hope my writer likes her! These are only initial designs, breif sketches, and may change later.