webcomics heh on Nov. 5, 2009

In case you weren't able to pick up on what I'm layin' down, this strip starts off as a bit of a riff on NPR.* I could really care less that some guy's hut fell over in Burkina Faso.** What I really need to know is how my Packers are doing and which celebutards*** have been flashing their sniiz**** in public. You know, REAL NEWS.

And speaking of real news… SICD:TAS episode two is FINISHED! Come back on November 8th and you will be amazed by what is quite possibly (yes, very possibly) the best animated series on the web all made possible by our proprietary AKTIV-KINETICZ motion capture techniques. Nov 8, SICD:TAS 02, BE THERE!

Also, if anyone in Hollywood is interested in producing FATTY DADDY I've got the screenplay if you've got the $$$. Call me brah. We'll do lunch.

*No Personality Radio. Heh.
**Seriously, WTF? That's not even a real place.
***ie: A retarded celebrity. Bhonnerism bitches.
****The plural of “sniz”… A DOUBLE BHONNERISM!? HOW CAN THIS BE!?!?!?!?