(The Last) FILLER:The Boss' Office 1

the2pacfan47 on March 31, 2007

This is it folks. My last Drunk Duck comic EVER! Yeah I know I said that other one was, but this is more or less official. This really ain't even a full comic. It is simply stating a few things. First off, it is making it known that I am still in the comic game. I aint backin down yet. Second, it shows that I support Tony's comic series, which has recently been said to be updated again on Drunk Duck. Third, it lets everybody know of what I have set up now that I am damn near gone from Drunk Duck. I encourage you all to visit www.freewebs.com/thaundergroundhome/ !!! Oh, and I realize the eyes of “the boss” (me) are messed up. I forgot to fix that, sorry.

Peace Out!
-J-Dubb(Formerly known as the2pacfan47)