Sonic's Funnies Advanced Cover

SaburaArga on Dec. 8, 2010

Sonic and related characters belong to SEGA.
Art by Travis Rogers.
Digital remakes by me, Kevin Rogers.
Introducing a new comic: Sonic's Funnies! It started out as a series of drawings in notebooks many years ago, as we were big fans of the early Sonic games. We didn't know what their personalities were like, so we had to improvise, and sometimes it ended up being really funny.
The first one was Sonic Adventures(ironically), and there were 6 comics and an unfinished 7th. These followed the traditional Sonic style: going on an adventure to find Eggman/Robotnik, but with humor involved.
All 6 were ruined some time after they were finished, and the 7th was ruined before its completion. We then started on a new comic called Sonic's Funnies. This was a compilation of what they did when they weren't trying to stop Eggman/Robotnik's plans. It was comparable to bloopers, but not the same. Sonic's Funnies spanned 4 books before they were ruined. After that, we just gave up on it for years.
Something made us remember the comic after so long, and the memories compelled to recreate them, but we could only remember so much. We then decided to draw the remake of it, called Sonic's Funnies Advanced, and here it is!
When reading, there are a few things I would like you to keep in mind.
1. There is no real plot in Sonic's Funnies. And there probably never will be.
2. This was drawn years ago, and the art style never improves. The artist's skills improved, but we stuck with the traditional bad art. It makes it funnier and easier to draw.
3. If you think you know what happens next, think again. This comic is probably one of the most random things you will ever read. In most cases, there's no telling what will happen.
4. There are a LOT of comics since we started again. I'm not going to say how many we have. First of all, because I don't remember and would have to count them all again. And second, because you'll see, if you keep reading.
5. I added the blue and red lines in the background for two reasons. One, I decided that was the style I wanted. Two, you'll see.
Have fun reading, and enjoy the sheer randomness that is Sonic's Funnies!