Chapter 1 - Pretty Poison

Ksiezniczka on Jan. 30, 2011

The title page for the first chapter of “Sordid Details Following”, which is almost over. The second chapter will hopefully start by March if school doesn't get crazy again… HOPEFULLY…

You can tell I did the line-art for this ages ago, too… Ugh…

What I do like about this is it really shows that Ally is not as plain as she seems to think she is. She's not drop dead gorgeous of course, but she could be a pretty girl if she had more confidence. (Incidentally there are 6 shades in her hair. Redheads are fun.)

The title is a reference to this song:
ALL the chapter titles (And the comic itself) are named after songs, usually to represent Ally's music. XD
Aaaaand Nutty is dressed as Barbarella