Split Screen 97

Jaymzeecat on May 1, 2013

Remember when I told you before that a super long time ago I worked on a bunch of pages out of order? Well this was the last one… which came at the most convenient time since I was so busy last week. I had to change some of the dialogue boxes and I hope the art looks decent since I'm sure my style has changed a bit… I seriously drew this like a year ago, haha.
I need some feedback from you guys if you have a moment. Split Screen will likely be wrapping up in the next 20-40 pages (that's a pretty broad estimate, haha). Once the series is done, I plan on still doing mini comics and drawings and stuff like that, but I'd really like to print a book. I plan on running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the printing costs and I wanted to know what your thoughts were about the whole thing. Would you want a print version of Split Screen? What kind of extras would you like to see included in or with the book? (I am planning to go through the pages and clean up the art a bit, etc.) What kind of incentives do you think would tempt you to donate to my Kickstarter? If any of you have printed a book or run a Kickstarter campaign, would you drop me a line with some advice? I sure would appreciate it! :)

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