Filler: X dislikes paperwork.

Video Game Freak on Jan. 12, 2007

Can you taste the stupidity?
It's been a while since I played Mega Man X7(because I dislike playing bad games), but if I remember right you couldn't play X until about halfway through the game because during the gap between MMX6 and MMX7 he decided to quit fighting and just worked at Maverick Hunter HQ until he realized that his help was needed. X's personality is loosely based on the X who appeared in the American Mega Man cartoon, who didn't mind having to fight. I'm still disappointed that Mega Man never went super saiyan in that cartoon. If you don't get the joke, I'll tell you one thing: Mega Mans voice actor in the cartoon was Ian James Corlett. I'm also disappointed that I didn't make X say “WEAPON GET!” in the third panel.

The regular comic will resume when I start caring again.