Sticking to the Basics Episode 1

Sticking on Nov. 8, 2007

Ah yes, the first episode of Sticking to the Basics… Or is it. In fact, Sticking to the Basics was a long abandoned series, in which I had written around 38 episodes, of varying length, style and taste. With this comic I aim to take a leap from the strange ongoing storyline I had going on, and develop a series of one offs. From time to time, a popular character from the old series may appear.
I have already had requests to bring back The Producers, Suggestive Cheese, and of course the main characters Louis and Eddy. On the flip side, I have had requests not to bring back Super Stick, Mighty Badger or The Face People. Don't ask.
I hope you enjoy what will be a strange collection of comics. I will look forward to seeing my associates comics.