Ep. 29, Page 4

smbhax on May 4, 2016

Here are a couple character design sketches I did yesterday before settling down to draw that certain new character who appeared:

Probably the closest I've come to doing a proper character design sheet or something. : P There were other sketches just before these but eh they were much worse.

Readers with freakishly obsessive recall may see a resemblance with the “Earth Boy” dolls encountered around episode 17, page 60; that, I assure you, is mere coincidence–or more specifically, the result of me being bad at this sort of thing and just drawing things in the apparently very few ways I like to draw things. : P Anyway, the character in this episode has a few specific physical traits differing from those suggested by the Earth Boys (in addition to not being a stuffed doll, I mean : P), and why he has those we will learn in oh about two more pages!