Ep. 18, Page 21

smbhax on Nov. 21, 2012

My “mess with filters until colors come out” method is running into confoundedness! I've been using photos of the drawings, which have a neat natural light gradient on them that can catch a nice range of colors, *but* that doesn't always work–for instance in a case like this latest page, where characters at each side of the page should be illuminated (and I did try two lights–just wasn't precise enough though). Here was one of the photo attempts (single light):

but I couldn't really tighten it up further than that, because the lines on the right are lighter than the light areas on the left, which means a simple filter can't grab them all. Hrm!
So I worked from a scan, which is nice and sharp but lacking a natural color gradient, thus inherently flatter. The fuzz of yesterday's A* page had even got me to try a scanned version of that one earlier today

but ultimately I liked the gradient photo version, even if the Major's head was sorta too fuzzy.
So anyhoo–hmph. I think I'm stressing about this color business too much, and gosh knows why. :P