Ep. 18, Page 87

smbhax on Feb. 21, 2013

Got frustrated with pencil and ink after yesterday's page, dusted off the ol' drawing tablet after a year and a half and did a sketch of nothing in particular

which turned out annoyingly well, although just those few minutes of sketching left my wrist hurting for hours. The only way I can think of going back go working digitally would be to try the impossibly expensive experiment of mounting a Cintiq on my drawing board–and then I still lose the possibility of selling original art, and I'm back to sitting in front of a monitor all day, which I think is a bit less healthy than sitting in front of the regular drawing board. :P Eh well so I've decided to make an effort to make my ink designs clearer and livelier, a-la the lasso style, and to try to avoid tightening up the pencil and ink work too much, or becoming obsessed with achieving certain surface effect in ink that really I don't think were working very well and were just coming out messy. Hrm! Well we'll see how far I can get at this working traditionally. Here's an early stage of the inking for today: