Ep. 21, Page 32

smbhax on Jan. 12, 2014

Bah, it's late! Agonizing as usual over my approach, I tried inking a test page with pens before going in with watercolor–I'd been thinking for a week or two now that I should try ink with watercolor, but suspecting that they'd kind of clash with each other…but this inked thing was looking pretty decent so I thought it might work…and it didn't. They just didn't go well together, the ink had looked better by itself. I will get that scanned in to show to you soon-ish (tomorrow?), heck maybe I'll put it up for 99 cents on eBay along with the usual day's page just in case anyone with a big ink hankering wants it.
But with that in mind, flipping back through some of the pages I've done over the past week or so, I was reminded that I'd gotten away from sort of “inking” over the pencil here and there with watercolor, before going in with the watercolor as larger, space-filling washes. So I started today's watercolors by going in and doing some saturated lines, and I think that helped quite a bit. Funny how I forget these things. : P