Ep. 21, Page 89

smbhax on April 8, 2014

Well, after deciding I was okay with pencil lines after all on the last page, I thought I'd try going more whole-hog with depending on pencil lines for the final image in today's page.  Think they were a bit much, once I darkened the watercolors up in Photoshop; in retrospect, I'm happier with the approach I took to leaving pencils in pages 76 through 80, where I would usually replace most of the pencil lines, but would leave them where a neutral line would work better than color or white ink (or nothing).
Did try some white ink spatter—been positively ages since I did that! Messy fun. Tried to leave it thick ‘cause I wanted a sort of streamy foam effect, which I got just in a few places, but the thick, dried spatters also leave shadows on the scan; probably a bit much, I guess I’ll either have to thin the ink out more before spattering, or chip off more of the spatters after they've dried.
I *was* kind of happy with how freeing it was, having the pencil lines, to then go in higglety-pigglety with red and blue watercolor for shading—whereas if I'd been planning to remove move of those lines, I'd probably have been more careful to do more of a solid fill thing. But I did learn, when trying to salvage the previous page, that you can do dry on dry with the color fills and still mix ‘em together by putting a little brush pressure on the underlying dried color, and then you can build up some nice gradated color areas that way…so maybe I’ll try more of that.
Also, today I learned how many stamps it takes to send a letter (or a Patreon supporter sketch—finished all the pencil ones for March!) to the UK: 3! Actually more like two and a half, but I don't think they actually let you paste on just half a stamp, which is too bad. : P