Ep. 21, Page 104

smbhax on April 28, 2014

I'm so gonna regret trying to do a starfield dress. : ooo Before I decided to do that, I had to do some sketches to figure out what kind of strap arrangement I wanted to go with this time:

Strapless is way easier to draw. >_> Anyway most of Selenis' previous dresses have had shoulder straps of some sort so yay, variety!
Thanks to fudepens.com for linking to my Supermassive Eraser Round-up from their Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Eraser (2 Stück/(Schwarz) shop page, which is particularly interesting to me because the site—which sells imported Japanese pens and stuff I guess—is in German. According to Google Translate, they say
“Yes, even to erasers there is a very active scene of enthusiasts who deal with it: here a large Radierervergleich at SMBHAX.”
I don't know what a Radierervergleich is, but I guess I have a large one, and some people visited my site from there to see it, so, neat! (The context of the link is also kind of funny because one of the first capsule reviews in the Round-up is of that black Ain Eraser, and let's just say it is not an overly favorable review. : P)