Ep. 21, Page 107

smbhax on May 1, 2014

For the month of May, you can visit vibrant A* artwork on display in The Essential Baking Company Bakery & Café at 1604 N 34th Street, Wallingford, Seattle (map):

They've got an improbably huge parking lot, I guess from back in the day when the building was the Oroweat bread factory. But now it's a warm and cozy café with lots of windows, an outdoor dining veranda (which is where everyone was in this weird early May heatwave we had today : o), tons of delicious-looking baked goods and other edibles, and all the coffee options a Seattlite might demand, I think (I'm not an expert in that area actually : P). And, this month, my framed artwork—including a bunch of never-before-displayed prints of recent work—hanging off various walls, like these:

Thanks to my dad for getting me in there in the first place, and both him and my mom for helping get the artwork hammered into their brick walls today in 90-degree weather. : o I've actually been to this bakery on my own before, when I was searching out a loaf of a particular Essential Baking bread my local supermarket had run out of, so it's kind of neat to have my art in there. Anyway if you're cruising through Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood—this is right on N 34th St, the main drag that winds along the waterfront there—and could use some refreshment and a dose of A* art this month, now you know where to stop! : )

It took three Levels and six Hue/Saturation adjustment layers to get the colors in today's page to come out like they did. : P