Ep. 21, Page 113

smbhax on May 9, 2014

Here's another monthly reward sketch for a Patreon supporter of A*:

Microgravity, it's the only way to fly!
We have one more panel of this scene, then one final scene, and we're done with this weird episode. ; ) And yesterday when I realized that I also realized that I only had the very general idea for the *next* episode, rather than an actual story, but somehow between going to bed and getting up in the morning, I had the full story! And I'm pretty stoked about it, I think it's gonna be pretty fun; we'll learn a thing or two about Selenis (a few of which very astute readers *might* have been able to put together previously on their own…), she'll learn a thing or two about herself, we'll meet some funky new characters, I'll get to try some different types of environments in watercolor, and get a bit of Dune out of my system in the process. : )