Introductions, Part 1

Loony24680 on Jan. 8, 2008

Hello, one and all. This is the first edition of the new webcomic, The Adventures Of A Random Group Of People, Who Don't Actually Work Together At Doing Anything. Yes, we know the title is long. Yes, we know the abreviation is nearly a pronouncable word. Yes, we know the graphics on it is kind of rubbish. Don't tell us this.

The comic, as hasn't ben states as of yet, id about mine and Matt's Dungeons and Dragons club, at the school we go to. It is mainly going to be about true stories, but the bit, at the moment, is to establish the characters, as is nessicary with these things. You can look forward to amazing feats of wonder, loads of gold sparkly things and a really… fragmentedly good… possibly non-existant storyline.

Well, more will come in the next installment, whenever that may be, and watch out for Matt's bit that will be put in later on.