When will you ever get to work on time

Nicol3 on Feb. 22, 2008

My boss asked me this question today. She sounded like a mixture of frustration and joking-ness. (She always does.)

I'm pretty lucky. I could pretty much walk to my job-it's extremely close, yet I'm late every day- but my boss(es) haven't fired me yet. Why am I so late? My stupidity, and the mirror. Wonder-Woman's kryptonite. I wake up to the stupid mirror, and I always cringe.

I wish I could be happy with myself, always. There are days I feel great about myself, but a reflective surface could totally crash my joyride in an instant.

I'm not very happy with my appearence. I wouldn't say I'm ugly.. I just could look a little more pleasing to the common eye. I've got these fatty looking sacks under my eyes that drives me nuts- forehead lines that would make the grand-canyon jealous, and this pocket of fat under my chin that that makes my whole body look fat; even though I'm average sized. I've got a really bad posture too.