Back Again

Nicol3 on March 16, 2008

Ugh, sorry I havem't been updating..My favoritest program decided to call a quits on me (It's mostly my fault, though) SO I was scrambling to and upgrade to a higher version.

I hated it. Flash MX 7, they called it. It's added sensitivity to my tablet really effed up my art, and reminded me of how shitty my tablet is. Plus, I got so much lag, no matter how much I reduced in view mode. Drawing something that would usually take me under an hour was starting to stretch out to 2 hours and beyond. And that's WITHOUT any extra shading.

So low and behold, I don't know how I did it, but I found an old backup of my good ol' anchient flash. Aaaah. I feel whole again.

About this comic, my back has been killing me all day. It's like a herd of rhino calves decided to rent out my upper neck for.. lap-dancing practice. It's stiff.. and it hurts like hell. I'm stuck in this hunched-over posture (that I usually have a little bit of.. but not this severely arched) Ugh. It huuuurrrtttsss.