kuemper on May 31, 2008

Tail Feather is officially finished! There will be no new updates!

And now, the explanation.

I am not bored with making comics for Tail Feather nor have I run out of ideas. Real Life isn't pressuring me away either. I am, to be blunt, done. I wrote and drew what I wanted and got it out on the Internet for people to read. That's the big reason why I won't be publishing anymore Tail Feather. A minor reason is lack of comments. I know that DD requires sign-up to comment and most of the time you don't have anything to say (how often do I need to post “funny” or “nice!”?). I also know that I didn't “put myself out there” to be read; I didn't talk on the DD forums and I didn't put advertising links in my siggys for other forums. But you've got to think: if I'm the only one reading this, then why bother publishing it?

The obligatory Thank You list:

DrunkDuck - for hosting Tail Feather and a ton of great comics
Empath69 - for being the other buzzComix voter, letting me bounce ideas off you and hugs
Azaeziel - for inspiring me to make a webcomic