Vark being a Vark

XeaRi on April 22, 2010

For this week's sketch, have a Vark.

I always have trouble drawing Vark. I mean, I have trouble drawing Xeari too; her legs always get too long or too short or her feet too big or something - but I have trouble with all of Vark. He's a skinny, long dragon. His neck doesn't curve like Xeari's does, and he's like a snake except for he has a rib section and a pelvis section, and he also has legs. There's just something that bothers me every time I try to draw him.

Maybe I'm trying too hard. I know I've gotten his proportions down right a couple of times, but the big problem is that I can't do it again. Even if I do know what his proportions are, it's hard to automatically recreate that. And if I don't have consistency, how am I going to draw a series of many images of the same character over and over again?

- Hex