Star Strip page 112

bravo1102 on June 30, 2015

Nakkar and Aura handily take down the baddies.  It's as simple as not waving the gun at someone but just firing it. Some page notes:

It was established in Battle of the Robofemoids that the skin of a robofemoid is made into a kind of exo-dermic armor.  It is mostly hand phaser proof.  Nakkar's phaser rifle at full power could injure Vera.
Vera and Aura both underwent the conversion but were later de-programmed.  The exo-dermal armor and weapon inserts remain.  
Also as established Grey Guys and Gals really don't fight.  Since created as a slave race they're relatively docile and either surrender or hide in a fight.  
There will be more on some of the other stuff later in the story.
Cadet Nakkar (no first name established yet) is a Diamorian expatriate. She served in the Diamorian Navy in the Last Aordian-Diamorian war was so disgusted and frightened for her children that she defected. Since the wars usually happen every generation or so she didn't want to have them suffer what she had. As a Diamorian there was no place for her in Aordian society so she settled in Federation space. Intolerance even in the open minded Aordian culture. 

Notice that Aura's chest is blurred in the two fight panels? Because her breast popped out in both scenes.  Yeah, it might be time for a turtleneck.