How I do it page 2: the backgrounds

bravo1102 on May 28, 2015

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. You are the best bunch of readers a creator could hope for. If only there were more of you. Maybe when I manage to do a comic more worthwhile.  I am pleased with the graphics it's the script that leaves me cold.  It's uneven.  Even with all the re-writes and add-ons the tone shifts too much.  Or maybe that's a function of the characters.  Certain characters set up a certain tone while others are all serious. Or maybe there is just too many of them. I mean I feature every crewman on Surprise at one point or another and show every bit of the ship. 
This comic is the first to be totally blue screened since Go a Viking all those years ago and there have plenty of lessons learned getting here.  For instance I didn't orignally use a blank background. I thought the pen tool was enough so I shot against whatever was there.  When you “thought” you're wrong.

Tune in again Monday for more pain.