Star Strip page 147

bravo1102 on Oct. 1, 2015

Tales of S.I.G. will now be going on hiatus until I can finish another script. There are at least two in contention for the next story. One is the classic super computer run amok with a sexy twist and the other is a court martial of Rickover. That arc begins on this page with the mention that Picard is on his way to conduct an investigation.  That's why I've been collecting captains. To put together a court martial board.

This comic is not finished merely going on hiatus.  I am playing with the idea of wrapping this one up and telling all the rest of the stories under the title of Star Strip because I've changed howthe stories are going to be presented. Originally the ladies were supposed to be on whatever ship necessary to complete their mission. After producing this I've decided to keep it in my variant of the Star Trek universe and using Surprise or Kirk's Enterprise and even a trip on Pike's Defiant. I've even cast Number One and come up with her personal name. We'll see how that goes. And Picard's Constellation will be in there too with his first officer Aubrey. If only there was a Gregory Peck figure so I could do Hornblower.

And how exactly could I twist the Kilngons? I can't do the leather outfits or the brow ridges. I'm thinking going with the original concept of Mongols in space. I did collect a lot of Mongol stuff for an unproduced Go a Viking sequel. And I probably won't call them Klingons.

In the meantime, it's Belle's Best turn. I have four completed movie scripts in the pipeline. Space thrall, whose poster was seen last page, Crimson Sash a still from which is seen here plus Laboratory of Evil and Devil Tribe of Africa.  Another two movie scripts are nearly complete so there's lots of content in the pipeline.

There are also a bunch of behind the scenes stuff scripted for Belle, her sisters and Trish's hubbie some guy with the unlikely nickname of Bravo.  And I really should get Belle dating.