Star Strip page 76 (edit)

bravo1102 on Feb. 24, 2015

A page of close-ups. I wanted to try extreme close-ups. Photo size is what really killed it. The first panel was normal size full figure shots cropped whereas the second was a close-up photo. So it's all about sizing of the image. Lesson learned. I guess that's why some films have two cameras going, one for the full shot and another for close-ups and that zooming will usually suck. Zooming seems to have been a big fad in the 1960's and 1970's with Kung-fu movies and Spaghetti Westerns as the biggest offenders. But not even Sergio Leone could carry it off well.

In the first panel Doctor Rush pretty much shoots down the idea of lingerie space pirates, but the idea is filed away. Aura and Jenny both underwent the robofemoid conversion back in Battle of the Robofemoids so “Stripped to the waist for crystal interface” is a reference to one programmed response that a robofemoid gives when it's operating. That Bob. And there's also a hint of characterization for Aura.

Lon's cap is that of a World War One U-Boat captain. Inside costume joke. It would have been a World War 2 Korvettenkapitan cap except I don't have any. The closest I had was a Luftwaffe cap and that just wouldn't work for me.

* I hate the way the first panel looked on the preceding page so I redid it. It's awful when you know what you did wrong but don't know what you did right to get the effect you wanted in another panel.

@Jerrie Kid in a candy store is precisely what Lon is. And he now owns the candy store and like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory he can fly it around too! I remember Woolworth's. I went to the one in Brick that had a large collection of off-brand model kits like Airfix and Hawk. Memories.

@Plymayer: I almost used a US Navy officer's hat but it didn't fit right.

I finally got around to taking some more pictures yesterday so there will be more pages. Right now I have three pages left in the buffer with four panels done for the next page. As far as the script goes I am officially two-thirds of the way through so there should be about 50 pages left to this story.