Star Strip page 134

bravo1102 on Aug. 30, 2015

Someone asked about Rickover using a higher settng on his phaser.  Now that he is conscious again he's going to try it.  Amazing how he just happened to be knocked cold during the battle scene?  That is a literary convention used by writers who don't want to describe big battle scenes. Knock out the protagonist and have him wake up in the aftermath.  Here it's because Rickover despite his boyish good looks and skills with the ladies is a bit unlucky in hand-to-hand combat.

However, turns out there is a way to defeat even discintigration.  Mneumonic Statis reconstruction field?  Don't go looking for it on Memory Alpha (the Star Trek Wiki) I made it up. It's pure technobabble.  But it could exist just like Aura can increase her mass by manipulating her Higgs field. I can imagine a name something like Gravemetric Increase mass manipulator Engine or the GIMME.  Which resembles nothing so much as a bag of candy? Who knows.

Aura's remark about a robofemoid taking down a jedi is based on an event in Battle of the Robofemoids  when Femoid-Sash took down Mace Waadu.  Femoid-Sash carries a light saber as a trophy of this so Aura and Jenny would have seen it and asked her about it when they were converted. Or something like that.  You know how these stories tend to grow.