Dress rehearsal page

bravo1102 on July 27, 2014

The top panel is a try at populating a set with the figures.  These “sets” are NOT built my me but are computer renders by various artists I pilfered from the internet.  Since this a free tribute fan-fiction kind of thing copyright issues aren't really relevant as I'm shamelessly infringing on all kinds of Paramount trademarks.

So hats off to the various artists who built these 3D beautiful sets but it wasn't me.  There are even a few stills from the original series that I'll be using.

And the others are the grey guys in action.  That is the “Hank” figure but as a different Grey Guy because theyre all interchangeable anyway.  The other one is Lon.  He's completely crazy and looks it.  The female figure's hair has been changed since because of how it looked in the pictures.