Star Strip page 55

bravo1102 on Dec. 19, 2014

“Can you top this” continues. Rusen has her reasons for not taking off her bra. Maybe her shoulders just hurt too much today or some lower back pain (which might explain why she took off the pants. Star Fleet issue pants can be tight in the crotch)  Also when some busty women take off their bra it can be a let down. (there is a pun there) But Rusen looks so good in that hot pink bra and panties it's fine.

The camera has turned out to take up more time since I'm taking more alternate shots. There's a wider view so I'm seeing more possiblities for each shots. But I can get the camera in where my fat head won't so forced perspective and odd angles has gotten easier.  

We also get another mention of the suspected troubles between Jenny and Vera. I'm sure some readers would love to see a triangle with Aura, Rickover and Jenny. Threesome's where two of the group despise each other is very nasty. It's so hard to get blood out of the sheets and worse to get it out of carpetting. And no matter how careful, you always miss some of the splatter spots.