Star Strip page 98

bravo1102 on May 19, 2015

More of Lon looking sad with stooped shoulders. He is a Grey Guy and his species is accustomed to defeat.  You could even say that any kind of resistance to superior authroity has been bred out of Grey Guys. Except a kind of pathetic passive-aggressive gallows humor.  The kind of smart alecky nonsense that is good for a laugh because he's so pathetic you might as well let him have his jibe.
Grey Gals were designed to be dominant over Grey Guys as supervisors and organizers.  So the female is the dominant gender.  This would be the difference between the house domestic and the general laborer. (the American “Slaveocracy” of the Antebellum South is but one example)

This page has all the nudity the previous one lacked and if you think that probes go up Jenny's orifices, you would be correct.  Let's just say that exploitation movies of the 1970's are really the only ones that are totally accurate. You want to make someone scream in pain go for their genitals. It has been said that the amatuer goes for the fingers and toes and the professional goes for the nipples and groin.  Objectification and victimization of women, yup that's what entertainment is all about.  Or is it that a writer/creator can only truly glorify and make a true hero of a character if they make her suffer first?  So the hero has to be victimized to get at the inner strength it takes to be heroic.  I don't do damsels in distress. My stories inflict pain on the main characters (often female) but they come back and win for themselves, not cling to some male savior.  I can just see Trish or Bleinda Brandon making this speech before commisioning a script for a movie. 
Currently production is up to page 104 and doing the pages has cleared my vision for the next shots. Just be forewarned Rickover is a sexist pig but he's not aggressive. He's no Jim Kirk.