Star Strip page 84

bravo1102 on March 31, 2015

Da-tu and Lon come to an understanding. Or not. This is the last finished page.  I decided not to do the big fight. It is tempting to do a big brawl like the original Casino Royale with all kinds of out-of-place people showing up culminating in a nuclear explosion that kills everybody. But no.  

This page took a while because I wasn't sure how to handle a couple of the panels and the script was no help. Then the Beast figure would not cooperate. Lon is a very tall figure and Beast wasn't as tall as I had thought and his hands could not grasp Lon's throat the way I originally intended. But then a glance around at so many comics, especially 3-D ones, and characters have all kinds of holding and grabbing problems. I've also noticed that some comics have floating characters. It's not that hard to add a touch of shadow to the foot or body to indicate a figure's contact with the ground. Or squish and blend a hand or elbow to get firm contact with another figure. Quality and attention to detail has never had anything to do with readership.