Star Strip page 29

bravo1102 on Oct. 20, 2014

Vera admits to being the pirate Ama Sil-vera and from Lon's reaction he knew all along. How many silver haired large breasted, dark skinned women are there anyway?  But being a known pirate in the space lanes can have its advantages.

And Lon remembers three great Grey Guys. 

I just finished a re-write and expansion of the script. Some depth was added to some of the action and characters. Page 17 of the script is currently in production and is translating to be pages 48-51 of the comic. One page of script is translating into three pages of comic which is a page more than usual. But I'm also trying to avoid crowding each panel with tons of dialogue so that also stretches out things. I also noticed that the panel count for my pages is down from four-six to three. Sometimes I just get carried away by how well the panels come out.

There are some more references to events in Battle of the Robo-femoids linked here.

There is a robo-femoid story set to appear as part of Tales of SIG. Two other stories have been outlined. one is the hoary Sci-fi cliche of pod people and the other features a bizarre computer that indulges in tentacle rape. I'm trying to keep the page count under 100 for each story but it doesn't look like I'll succeed. The final script page count for Star Strip is 38, I'm on page 50 in the comic at page 17. It looks like 3 pages per page of script so Star Strip should run 110 pages.

I'm fleshing out the crew of Surprise since it's only about 30 they'll all be recurring characters with some additions and subtractions along the way. Surprise will be featured in the other SIG stories at least the mode of travel for the SIG operatives.