Star Strip page 119

bravo1102 on July 26, 2015

So Kirk is on his way. Meanwhile Rickover and the rest have to finish re-taking their ship.  And it seems they aren't doing the best of jobs.  Good thing Aura and Nakkar are on their side.  This was always somehting I wanted to see in an action movie where the oh so smart characters trade quips and the other guy just rolls his eyes and takes care of the bad guys.  Less talk and more fighting okay?

At a recent family gathering since I now have a smartphone I was able to finally show the comic to family. I have not been so ruthlessly teased since I was in grade school.  It really hit me hard.  I mean it's not anything I haven't been thinking or even saying about my stuff all along; how it's all about boobs and otherwise empty of content or any redeeming value at all.  Such pretty pictures but boobs and I might as well not even bother.  I do porn.  I think I'll work it into Belle's Best with Belle and Trish's relationships with others outside their industry.