Star Strip page 66

bravo1102 on Jan. 20, 2015

And just what have Frank and Jill been up to all this time? And Lenalee and the sleepy cadet? 

You know I just realized the filter I used on the previous page is the one used on the two portraits in the header. So I have used it before.
Now you ask yourself (or not) what the ladies on the bridge are doing all this time? It's an off-camera lingerie party. Jenny decides to get the girls as all lacy as their wardrobes allow. You'll be seeing the results in eight pages or so. Actually this is the result of me going a bit crazy with the Paypal credit card with some newly released female figure lingerie. Phicen and other companies have been making some seamless female figures (with full stainless steel skeletons) A nude one retails for at least $70. So I'm out of the figure market. But gotta add to the wardrobe. Most of the lingerie is Barbie and Barbie's wardrobe barely fits these figures. Got to do lots of adjustments to the closures and watch the boob size. The panties are hopeless because Babs has no hips, butt or thighs. So that's what I'm working on right now. Oh and Jenny decides to change into her action clothing. Those corduroys just aren't made for high kicks.