Star Strip Issue 1 page 7

bravo1102 on Aug. 28, 2014

There is something of a buffer so here'e a third page for this week. Jenness farmor on vacation.  It was set up at the end of Battle of the Robofemoids that she was taking leave regardless.  In case you're wondering “Aura” is the other character's family name.  Aura's personal name is Toren but everyone has always called her Aura. Many assume Aura is her personal name and she never corrects them. Conversely Jenness Farmor is addressed by both names depending on the realtionship to the speaker.  

As far as the nudity here, It's a tropical beach. Tops are considered unnatural in Aordian culture under those circumstances. It's one of the things considered “shocking” by other cultures that is natural to Aordians. They are very uninhibited.

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