Star Strip page 86

bravo1102 on April 15, 2015

A few days late but there is is at last a new page.  My schedule changed again making twice in three days and there has been a general house-cleaning at work but I'm still standing due to my communication skills. i can critique without putting down and anger management.  

I'm a few pages ahead but it remains to be determined how my work schedule will cut into production.  And a Falasnorian is not a Grey Guy. She's not into stripping for titilation but stripping for experimentation.  So there will be stripping but as she has said, she'll keep it discrete. The Falasnorians are the classic Greys of UFO myth and Da-tu is a result of the long-running hybrid program for which the Greys have abducted and probed so many humans over the years.  Due to the lighting on the Greys' saucers they are usually percieved as grey when in fact they are blue.  They love the misidentification and chalk it up as another human inferiority. 

On the author side I got sick of blending all the joints and wanted to see the crew in thsoe sexy tight uniforms again. If you notice they are not wearing bottoms remaining in tights or stockings. A backhanded reference to TOS series' micro mini skirts.