Star Strip Issue 1 page 15

bravo1102 on Sept. 17, 2014

And they get thrown out. Thanks Hulk.  PLEASE LIKE THIS COMIC! I may be an ass, but the don't hold that against the comic. Tell your friends, tell theirs, extol it's virtues where ever you go. Thank you for your kind support.

I tried to do some shooting the other day and everything went wrong. I broke the leg of a figure and spent two hours fixing it. I had to scratchbuild a whole new new peg assembly. That was after four attempts at just gluing. It would be nice if you could just glue stuff. But the joint required more strength than my thickest instant glue would give it and the vinyl in the hinge wouldn't work with normal plastic solvent. So I built a whole new peg and socket from metal and plastic.

But wait there's more! I lost my bag of feet. I have bags of spare body parts for replacement hand poses and feet. The feet are replaceable by boots and shoes that snap in their place. Well I lost my bag of feet. I went tearing through everything time after time, getting more and more frantic. The whole leg break had left me frazzled from continuous frustration. Now this. Took nearly two hours of searching to find it buried under my paint rags. By that time I had the mother of all migraines with the room spinning and nausea. So to bed I went. Then the phone rings, the exterminator was coming today.

I stumble out of bed and everything is too loud and the lights are too bright. He leaves and the wife turns as says I guess we're not going out for our wedding anniversary? After all that had gone on that was the last thing on my mind. So I just hugged her and went back to bed. As I type this the head is still pounding and even the clatter of the keyboard is slightly too loud.