Heroes Alliance RISE Promo

irrevenant on March 25, 2014

A promo page for the upcoming RISE issue of Heroes Alliance, which I drew a couple of pages of! \o/  Can you guess what the theme is? :P

So here's what's going on with this comic: I planned to have a reasonable number of pages in the bank before I launched the series proper.  Turns out I'm really, REALLY slow at drawing.  Like 1-2 weeks per page slow. -_-  That's when I'm not getting sucked into awesome distractions like drawing for HA. (Did I mention ‘\o/’ ? :D)

I currently have 3 and a bit pages plus a cover of this comic drawn and am trying to figure out where to go from here. At this rate producing ‘a reasonable number of pages in the bank’ is going to take me something like 6-12 months or more. 

So options are:
1.  Stick with Plan A and have something like 10+ pages in the bank before I post anything.  (Even then there's a decent chance I'd catch up with the buffer by the end of the issue).
2. Say ‘screw it’ and just post pages as I produce them.  This would be slow and almost certainly irregular.
3. Publish at some stupidly slow but regular pace like one page every 2-4 weeks.
4. Some compromise solution where I publish more regularly but still try to maintain a buffer?
5. Something else ???

Any thoughts?