: Chillin with the gang #tamagotchi #mom won't let me have a dog

Luccia on Jan. 21, 2015

I promise this is the last filler until Valentines day. Actually, I'll post that up in Pifflemitt. Until then, actual comic pages. This is the Techni gang as humans. In an AU where the Tamagotchi/Giga Pet trend never died and Legend of the Hidden Temple is viewed as an extreme  sport.
1. Percy is part fae (Leshy to be exact), giving him his bright green eyes and reddish tinted hair. Take that away, and you get this result. He's kinda leaning towards Native American. Same with Rhodes light eye color being the result of Kelpie descent.
2. The little girl in the back next to Rhodes is Boheme. You haven't been introduced to her yet, but you've seen her in the page Complex. I just changed her hair.
3. As human, they have slightly different personalities compared to their ani-human counterparts.