True Love

PPPchairman on Nov. 21, 2012

There are few times as an artist where I am proud of the page I have created and this is one of those times. When I was having my after yoga tea and sketching out a few minor characters for this chapter, I made Manzil (mostly cause I love midgets and felt this comic needed more of them) and Akiko because what rich evil slave owner wouldn't have a slave he regularly sexes up and he needed a bodyguard and ninja geisha served those purposes. Anywho, as I continued writing down possible action scenes, I thought having a sword/fan fight in a crowded auction house would have brought unwanted attention to our kidnappers I should end the fight with Manzil quietly taking down Don Giovanni, but what of Akiko? As we have seen with Ari, honor plays an important part in Cathan life so how do I stop her from fighting with minimal noise. And so my twisted brain thought of making these two a coulple. Despite the image of a midget butler and a sexy geisha type making out being so outragous I do find it a beautiful idea. Two people with nothing in common physically, spiritually, and culturally finding warmth and comfort in each other during a period of such darkness in their lives and after so many horrible days finds a spark of light and goes after that glimmer of hope.

Ghostrunner-I always thought of midgets having the advantage in fight against people that way.